Destina Munro, one of the judges for FOMI’s 2018 photo competition, has provided some tips for what makes a winning photograph. 

Check the basics

  • Images must be sharp, not blurred, and of a high resolution.
  • Check the background and edges of image to ensure there are no distracting elements that draw the eye away from the point of focus.  
  • Ensure the horizons are straight in a landscape or seascape.

Relevance – Consider the image’s relevance to the category you are entering. 

Purpose – What is the intention of the image? What is being portrayed should be clear.

Composition and design – These factors help in defining the focal point. They add strength and impact to the image.

Colour – such as monochromatic, dominant, dramatic, saturated, as well as tones, can assist in creating mood.

However rules can be broken! Use your imagination. 

Lighting – this is an all important factor in photography. In particular, ensure flora or fauna have good lighting and tonal representation.

Originality – Try new approaches to photographing a familiar topic or area.

Have fun!