Five Things You Might not Know about Mana Island

1. Seabirds

As an island sanctuary, techniques for seabird conservation have been introduced and developed on Mana Island, sometimes for the first time in the world. Our recipe for sardine smoothies has been perfected over time.

2. Surrounding Ecosystem

In the waters around the island, you can find Orca, whales, blue penguins, seals, and seahorses. People often spot stingrays off of the beach.

3. Nightlife

Many of Mana Island’s creatures are nocturnal, so being on the island at night is a totally different experience! Kiwi walk around calling, geckos teem onto flowering flax to feed on nectar, weevils munch away on speargrass or flax, weta come out of their hotels, and you can hear penguins cry. Without the light pollution of cities and towns, the stars come to life.

4. A Pleasant Surprise

Banded Kokopu, a NZ native fish, were discovered not too long ago in a stream on Mana Island.

5. A Missing Piece

Unlike some nearby wildlife sanctuaries like Zealandia and Matiu/Somes Island, there are currently no tuatara on Mana Island. It’s a possibility for the future though.