December 2017

UPDATE – all sold now. 

We have some heritage peach trees from Mana Island for sale, as a fundraiser for future historic projects on the island.

In 1832 John Bell arrived on Mana Island to begin farming, bringing with him sheep, cattle, hay, seed, tobacco and fruit trees. Ships often stopped at Mana to replenish their supplies with locally grown meat and produce, and in later years fruit when it was in season.

One fruit tree variety still exists in the historic Bell’s garden on the island. It is known as the Mana Island Peach, and is likely be a direct descendent from the original shipment in 1832.

There is one large old tree in the garden, and six more were planted by FOMI in the garden recently to eventually replace the very old tree. As part of the management plan for Bell’s garden DOC, along with FOMI volunteers, have been clearing the woody vegetation so the ditch and bank garden can be seen again.

As part of keeping the historic genetics of the Mana peach alive, we grew some trees on the mainland at secure sites as an insurance policy and these have produced fruit.

We are selling a limited number of the trees. They can be collected from Plimmerton. The cost is $10 for a small one up to 30cm tall, or $20 for a large one up to 80cm tall.

These are some of the juiciest peaches you will ever taste!