The fernbirds are everywhere!

In April 2019, FOMI transferred 40 mātātā /North Island fernbirds from Rotokare Scenic Reserve in South Taranaki to Mana Island. 

Our translocation report noted that: “This was an extremely successful translocation. Post-release monitoring before and after the 2019/2020 breeding season will indicate whether short term success (territory establishment and breeding) has been achieved on Mana Island.”

David Cornick, Geoff de Lisle and Dallas Bishop have taken every opportunity to monitor the numbers and distribution of these birds – aided by DOC staff on the island. Sightings have been recorded on the large map in the Lockwood house. 

The monitoring has indicated very good survival of released (banded) birds, and clear and extensive establishment of territories in a range of habitats around Mana Island. The increase in sightings of unbanded birds from January 2020 indicated very successful breeding. Increasing numbers of sightings of unbanded birds have been reported anecdotally right through until March 2021. 

A comment noted recently overheard on returning from Mana – “There are fernbirds everywhere.”

April 2021

Photo of fernbird by David Cornick

Map showing fernbird sightings at southern end of Mana Island.