Adrian Jull, Mike Jacobson, Deb Anthony and Dale Shirtliff travelled to Mana Island shortly after midday Friday 24 March. Almost calm conditions. We were met by Jane Haxton , stand-in for Pat Elliot.

Our aim for the weekend was to carry out maintenance on the fluttering shearwater and WFSP burrow sites. This had been an annual event in the past but was missed in 2022. Quite a lot of extra work was involved, including removing shrubs which were preventing bird and human access to the burrows. Jane had run the weed-eater over the sites and exposed most of the lids. Bees had established themselves in FS 28 so we kept well away from it.

We were able to visit the Fluttering shearwater site Friday afternoon to assess the task ahead. Saturday was extremely windy at that site but we managed to complete work in time to transfer tools to the petrel station and take a look at the WFSP site. A number of FS burrow lids were quite severely rotted and letting in light and rain. Burrow numbers were noted. The plan is to buy and cut up timber and replace these lids on a future trip. Adrian, Mike and Deb were an excellent team and completed the site work with dedication and care early Sunday afternoon.

Deb and Dale travelled North to the lighthouse site. The flax weevil desecration of the flax was evident from the Tirohanga track just short of the l. site. Mike and Adrian took the tools back, Mike trimmed the vegetation around the woolshed and Adrian walked the Hole in the Rock track.

Flax weevil desecration just a few metres short of the lighthouse site.

Adrian, Mike and Deb at the WFSP site.

Report by Dale Shirtliff.